The act of to guys accidently crossing penises while having a intercourse with a female.
Scott and Evelio swashbuckled while having sex with Barbara.
by NYCAkumaKenMasters December 24, 2008
To rage, bring on shenanigans, and consume questionable amounts of alcoholic beverages.
Dude, we are going to swashbuckle next week. You in?

Me and my friends swashbuckled at that bar last night, it was a good night.

Let's swashbuckle!
by djSURGE May 16, 2010
1.(verb) to be swept up by ocean water and tumbled around
2.(noun) daredevil
3.(noun) swaggering swordsman
I really dont want to be swashbuckled by another wave.
by shestooyoungforyoubro. August 21, 2011
The act of sword fighting someone pirate style. While fighting often you will hear "Yarr... scurvey dog" and similar phrases.
Man this fool was pissing me off so i pulled out my sword and swashbuckled his ass
by Alex April 04, 2004
Scrotum to scrotum contact during a 2 guy threesome. Usually during a double penetration.
Chad lost his rhythm and swashbuckled Jeremiah last night.
by denny_d January 23, 2011
usually occurs during an amateur porn where the first male penetrates and ejaculates into the female subject and the second male proceeds to fuck her any way.
"Dude I already cam in her!"

"I know I like to swashbuckle."
by BJen December 07, 2009
Whilst smoking Marijuana with a friend or multiple friends you inhale the smoke, then, through some form of sly or sneaky manner, exhale the smoke directly into someones face
"Achoo! I inhaled some of that smoke when Joe swashbuckled me!"
by Smarin April 13, 2010

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