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Ugly as fuck. A girl who like to go up on all the guys who aren't cool, but she thinks are cool.

When a swamptoad gets in a relationship, she can never break up with it's partner. When that partner finally dumps her, the toad talks smack on the partner and becomes a hood rat
look at that ho she is being a swamptoad, look that swamptoad sinks she the lilly pads
by ghettojew69 January 16, 2009
To have a girl give you a blumpkin while you have warts on your dick.
Bob: "Hey did Candy give you head yet?"
Bill: "Yea, and I even had a wart on my dick."
Bob: "Damn, she gave you a swamp toad!"
by Beeeeeeen Doveerrrrrr February 14, 2012
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