a teenage girl who has sex with anything that has legs and a heart-beat. some may find her attractive. but when they see all the symptoms of her nasty STIs she's got down there they run... FAST - watch out buddddd!
WOW! Denise is such a swamp donkey!!!
by :)missy!!!<3 February 16, 2009
A crazy old red headed motherfucker pretending to be a high school ag teacher that tells unbelievable bullshit that is completely and utterly...false.
"Even though I'm 5'1", 240 lbs. I used to run track and bench 350, and I also can shoot a ping pong ball off anyone's head from 250+ yards with a crossbow.....I AM NOT A SWAMP DONKEY, YOU GODDAMN LIL BASTARDS!"-MW
by IMakeSparksWhenIWalk40 December 16, 2008
Usually an oversize, full grown, facial haired woman who enjoys lots of makeup, bbq meats, big trucks, low lit dive bars, any natural musk, wranglers that are 4 sizes too small, and cuddlin. Usually possess a fupa and/or huge vagina.
"Dave was warned by his buddies not to go after her due to the fact that she looked like Buffalo Bill and had a 19 yr old kid, but the thought of that worn out Swamp Donkey bucking on top of him was too much for him to resist"

"Burr was enthralled with the fact that 4 college girls moved in next door...He was even more excited when he was able to give the Swamp Donkey of the bunch a rear admiral"
by tfulf August 13, 2008
the state in which ones taint, testicles, and/or ass will become sweaty and nasty after playing sports on a hot summer day, often enhanced by the use of compression shorts.
Man, I can smell that swamp donkey all the way over on the other side of the locker room.

Say that one more time and I'll drip my swamp donkey on yo' face, bitch.
by JustinBrittanyAshleyWVU April 25, 2008
A young lady of particular ugliness.
Rob: That girl devon was a swamp donkey.

Luke: Yea but shes gives mad good blow jobs.
by rtc1588 February 28, 2007
a girl that lets herself get nasty for no reason. a super ugly girl
man look at that girl shes a swamp donkey
by gary7460 October 29, 2006
Adj.; Someone of extremely unappealling looks; A repulsively ugly person.
Bob: Oh, dude, look at that ugly chick!
Bill: Oh my God, she is a real Swamp Donkey!
by M. Stenersen November 07, 2005
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