An unusually and abnormally unattractive person of the opposite sex.

Dude, that chick was a Swamp Donkey.
by phillip bond July 22, 2006
Fat, ugly, smelly, nasty bitch with yellow snaggle teeth and horrible breath. Usually works part time as a janitor in the local elementary school and drives around town in a piece o shit car.
"Do your sister's really hang out with the swamp donkey?"
"Umm... NO!"
by Guzzy February 05, 2004
A fat bitch that is so chubby around her vaginal area that you have to throw flour on her to find the wet spot.
Yo mama.
by northsideboys October 23, 2003
A nasty skank that you wouldnt touch... but under the influence may be tempted to wordchop.
She is a swamp donkey, but i would still chop her.
by Bill the Shetland Pony August 20, 2003
A person, man or woman, whose personal grooming habits are comparable to that of a baboon and whose abode is so cluttered and foul as to illicit the response, "Damn SWAMPDONKEY!! Hose yourself off." or "Damn SWAMPDONKEY!! Clean up that cesspool you live in."
He's so foul, he's a swampdonkey.
by Ryan Whaley July 15, 2003
a person of particularly distasteful proportions or features.
The club was full of swamp donkeys
by daftboy June 18, 2003
A female Bereft of Physical beauty;
tug boat; boiler; sea monster; steg
by Daxxler February 05, 2003
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