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To motor boat someones ass. This is a high risk activity and should not be performed at random.
I got drunk and spent the night swamp boating girls asses. Now my face smells like ass and is covered in what I am hoping is chocolate.
by The REAL Screg May 21, 2010
When one person inserts his/her face between the butt cheeks of another person and vigorously shakes their head from side to side. Like motor boating, but in the ass.
I was hungry and she was horny. We were both satisfied after a hearty session of swamp boating.
by Wally The Wonder Lama May 02, 2011
to motorboat butt cheeks.
" your girl is so nasty, she has enjoyed a nice swamp boating from time to time.
by Zchillin December 26, 2010