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A small, boring town in Georgia, that only exists to the people that live there or the people that go to the Wal*Mart there from even smaller almost nonexistent towns and communities that surround it. Swainsboro is also the place where rumors and STDs start.

For anyone that cares to know where Swainsboro is, it's about halfway between Statesboro and Dublin, and also about halfway between Savannah and Macon. Highway 80 and Highway 1 cross in Swainsboro. There's a big fountain at the crossing of the two highways with palm trees for some reason, like it's the beach or something in the middle of the city.

In an attempt to make this lame town sound 'cool' some people refer to it as "The Boro" or "Swainsvegas".

The only good thing about this pointless town is East Georgia College. East Georgia has some of the best professors of any other college in the state of Georgia.
Person 1: "Hey where are you from?"
Person 2: "Swainsboro"
Person 1: "Never heard of it."


Person 1: "Hey where are you from?"
Person 2: "Swainsboro"
Person 1: "Eww get away from me"
by firstmiddlelastname August 24, 2009
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