Swaims is the last name of the most amazing people you will ever meet. They are thoughtful, intellegent, caring people. They don't take crap off of anyone. They are likely to tell you exactly what they think of you whether you like it or not. (the only Swaims that this doesn't apply to is John Kuper.....he is just simply a baby eating man whore
Those Swaims are just amazing people.....execpt for John Kuper.
by lucky9513 August 25, 2012
Top Definition
probably the most awesome surname in the world. Derives from the german word meaning wahoozle!! Anybody with the last name, Swaim, is pretty much legendary and should not be messed with. :)
That Swaim boy is brilliant.

That Swaim girl is smoking hot.

Boy, howdy, those Swaim's really know how to raise some children.
by puffpuffpuffpuff February 04, 2010
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