Acronym for "since we are here". The condition which compels people to make unscheduled stops due to the proximity of another store. See mission creep
I was going to mow the lawn but the trip to CostCo SWAH-ed into trips to Whole Foods, Trader Joes and the mall.
by mike_the_wino June 22, 2012
Top Definition
Similar in meaning to the work 'Meh'.

Although 'Swah' is said as a response of either surprise or remorse, but not really giving a crap.
Q: "Did you know Lady Gaga is pregnant!?"
A: "Swah!"

'On a game e.g. GTA' - *Drives car into lake*
by Pseudonym Not-Known January 02, 2010
Like the word, "swag" but not as broad
Dude, you my sir have serious swah bruhhh
by Pussí destroyér December 01, 2014
when yo peeps are to lad to say swag or sweg so day say swah
yo be like "yo lookin pretty swah tonight bro"
by okay dokey May 03, 2014
From the word "Puswah" meaning pussy.
That boy ate the hell outta da swah.
by irie October 12, 2004
Something Wrong About Her.

An acronym to describe a female's looks. She looks great but you can't quite put your finger on why she isn't perfect. She's so SWAH.

Also used in conjunction with SWAHelian or SWAHeli.
Damn Kevin, that girl looks pretty good but she's SWAHelian, shoud I still hit on her?
by SWAHeli December 14, 2015
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