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derived from agriculturalist which is a farmer(expert of agriculture); a swagriculturalist is one is who is an expert on swag and takes those w/ less swag under his wing until they have developed enough swag to get by on their own. Swagriculturalist also tend to have an excess of swag so potent that people around him get contact swag.
the "Swagriculturalist" friend (swag)
the not-so "Swagriculturalist" friend (not-so):

(swag) bro what are you doing to night?
(not-so) nothing :(
(swag) bro you should come hang out at this party, with us,
in this example the "not-so" becomes involved in a party the he/she would not of otherwise gone to and in attending this party (ensuring they DIDN'T make an ass of them self) has achieved more swag.
most of the time the "not-so" can and will simply gain swag form the Swagriculturalist friend directly.
by MUXmrk2 March 16, 2012
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