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Swaggle (swag-el): man whore that masturbates while shoving his hand between random person or persons ass cheeks.
"dude, did you hear about that swaggle at the anything but clothes party?" "yeah man, he swaggled the shit out of my ass cheeks!"
by AimeeC. July 09, 2006
23 28
An amusing experience,
Displaying awe,
Hang loose,
Not rancid,
Pleasing to the ear,
Very impressive
That's swaggle!!
My new truck is swaggle.
Instead of saying "right on"...it's "swaggle!"
by Alanamo3 June 16, 2014
19 0
Wiggle + Swag

To give group hug; in an awkward fashion
Adam Young swaggled the audience
by LynzSwaggles November 23, 2011
33 20
swaggle: to walk in a manner that is swaying and staggering. or to walk and stumble
He swaggles when he walks.
Too many beers makes him swaggle.
I hope the mule don't swaggle when we are plowing the corn.
by Raymond Harick July 03, 2007
21 14
To place the hand vertically between another's butt cheeks and slap them vigorously back and forth.
"Dude, I'd love to swaggle that chick!!"
75 67
glasses full of swag
by Woburn Footballer October 29, 2011
13 9
a harsher word for wasteman, swaggle is a combined word consisting of swag and fraggle.

swag meaning shit and fraggle meaning wasteman, wasteman meaning looser, look up for more details.

so, why use swaggle? Because its new and customised and you can use to spit tracks with. (fraggle and swaggle rhyme...)
e.g ::

barney ~ *saff* joe
lethal P - *saff*
barney ~ what you been upto today?
lethal P - runescape, im level 126 now!
barney ~ what, you mean you played runescape all day?
lethal P - yes blad
barney ~ Oh my days your such a swaggle!
lethal P - why, what did you do?
barney ~ club penguin, you don't know what your missing!

*saff* = (greeting) safe with accent to create sense of comfort and homieness...
by Barney && Lethal P XD May 05, 2008
11 13
A collective noun referring to a group of hipstas or swag-fags. Can also be applied to twelvies.
The swaggle of hipstas adjusted their snapbacks and straightened their obey tees, preparing for a day full of pretentiousness.
by be83active July 23, 2013
3 6