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A swagged out individual
Yo do you see that dudes Skytop III's. He's such a swagget
by FuckingFreakShow June 25, 2011
10 25
Guy black guys that think theyre cool because they can "jerk" and wear brightly colored tight pants
look at that retard in that tattered plaid scarf, he such a swagget!
by modest_mouse December 03, 2009
39 16
Individual overly concerned with swag. Usually goes to far in order to receive "swag points" such as wear multiple braclets with snapback and several brand name clothing.
That mexican with that chicago bulls snap, yeah he's a swagget.
by JabIne19 November 27, 2012
23 3
A swagget is a sweating faggot.
Hey Tracy dont be a swagget and pass me a beer.
by Mikerr August 30, 2006
10 44