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(adj.) - (1) The condition of being, or having so much swag that it transcends human understanding. (2) Can also be used to describe miracles performed by the sheer power of swag.
(1) Markus - "Ay yo Tyree, all da wimmenz jus' flock to you when you walk by, and you ain't got no haterz! How do ya do it?"

Tyree - "I'm jus' swaggeraculous. You might be able to get on my level one day."

(2) Goon #1 - "I dunno what happened, but when I put on muh dunks and gold chainz dis mornin', all my homies' gunshot wounds was healed instantly!"

Goon #2 - "Dis looks like a swaggeraculous occurence. You should keep dis on da DL 'less errybody find out an' wants you ta do somefin' fo 'em."
by sWaGgMaNe June 02, 2013
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