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The mad love, respect, praise and/or worship of someone's sawgger. It could be you, or someone walking down the street.

It is a very high form of respect, not to be taken or used lightly, at all, under any circumstances.

Someone with a lot of swagger love usually has a lot of chicks and/or dudes following them around constantly
Random guy 1: "Man that chick is supa bad, lets follow her to her car."
Random guy 2: "True dat, she gets mad swagger love from me!"
Chick: "Damn it, this is the third time today. I hope they'll just go away"

Girl 1: "Ooh P.J. is so fine. I like his swag"
Girl 2: "Don't I know it, but I believe the feeling you are expressing at the moment is called Swagger Love"
Girl 1: Who cares? All I know is he can holla at me anytime" *Smiles at P.J. and winks*
Girl 2: (under breath) "Stupid whore"
Girl 1: "Huh?"
Girl 2: "Nothin girl, I said he got nice abs"
Girl 1: "Oh. He do don't he?" *Smiles again*

That boy is so freakin insecure ,don't talk to him he gets no swagger love from anybody boo.
by Know-It-All-Chick November 30, 2009
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