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When so much swag is present in one room, it almost acts as a swag black hole. Until all the the swag in a room is present in one living entity....this person becomes the swagfest.
Freind 1: Hey lets go to <insertplacehere> and make a Swagfest
Freind 2: I dont know man, the last time that happened i heard only one person survived
by Rusheed October 24, 2011
11 6
When a bro/hoe is the embodiment of ultimate swag, all other non-swagalicious people cringe in jealousy.
Jake: Jeez, look at Shane, the ladies are all over him and he doesn't even give a fuck.

Oliver: Dude, he's a Swag Fest.
by S_77 September 02, 2010
7 8