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1. The most gangsta motha fucka you will ever know.

2. When a man ejaculates into a cantalope and plants it back into the ground. Spermberries are emancipated and those are the Swagberrys. The End
1. There is only one Swagberry.
2. Damn, that Swagberry tasted good in my cum cereal today ;)
#swag #swagberry #swagger #xavier #bitches
by tr1pset March 07, 2012
Used as in Blackberry swag. One with swag and a Blackberry to top it off. Some one who has used this word is none other then Mac Miller in a song named Snap back. There is a song by JJ Money ft. Reema Major named it and used as its main topic.
Girl: What phone do you have?
Girl: A Blackberry? and Hit me up.
Boy: I don't want yo numbaa, Only way we can meet is through BBM.
#blackberry #swag #bbm #jj money #mac miller
by CuriousGeorgev February 18, 2012
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