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Swagapeal is a recent alteration of the term "Sex appeal". It is used in any situation when one wishes to say that some one or something has swag, swagery, swagy, swagnasty and any other form of the word swag but wants to come across slightly more classy than there fellow peers. Swagapeal is commonly used amongst well renown groups such as the Brown's and the Alfonzo's throughout the U.S of A. But is also used by many who do not belong to the groups previously mentioned.
Thick neck: Hey whats up with you rockin a girls back-pack?

Derek: Man this aint no girls back pack, this is Louis V.

Chase: Oh shiiii Derek is rockin Louis V, he gots mad "Swagapeal"

Dupre: Man I need me some "Swagapeal", i'm boutta go get some Louis V shoes, but i'm probably never going to wear them.

Thick neck: Shut the F*** up Dupre
by Swag29 May 28, 2011

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