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Definitive opposite of a "HypeBeast". SwagBeasts follow only their own influence, not caring what others think about them nor what others think is "cool" or "hyped". They wear and do what they feel comfortable in and are comfortable in doing. They are really chill people in general. They don't crave attention, but definitely attract it, without the methods of cockiness or the thought of being above anyone else.
A:"Wow, look at this fool, rocking his $80 General Release Nike SB's, acting like they're the greatest shits that have ever touched the earth. You have no shoe game whatsoever. What a hypebeast!"

B:"I could care less how you feel about my shoes. They're better than your $80 Fakes that your mommy ordered for you. And another thing, I have more swag in one toenail, than you do your whole body. I am no HypeBeast, I'm a SwagBeast!"
by mmm8pho November 19, 2010

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