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A simple wooden cane. Used by a man who has such an incredible amount of swag that he must extend some of said swag to an object other than himself.
this fine tuxedo puts me in need of a swag stick.
by AxelDoyle February 16, 2013
When someone has so much swag. Dresses real nice. A figure of speech meaning someone must hit them with the swag stick because they look tight/cool.
Tim: dang look at ricks new clothes

Bob: he must of got hit with the swag stick

Ashley: eww look at him, someone should've hit him with the swag stick.
by o0oisaiahriverao0o March 06, 2012
The male reproductive organ or male style in general
These skeezers need to stay off my swagstick always hitting me up for that good shit.
by Jstrizzle December 22, 2009
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