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Someone or something with unprecedented amounts of swag.
The coolest kid in school walked and and i yelled "Bro, you're such a swag muffin!" he replied back "Yo, thanks bro..."
by 2str0ng4u November 20, 2011
A particularly enticing/scrumptious individual.
Gus is a Swag-Muffin. He is a very delicious person.
by bedheaddead February 16, 2011
A girl or woman who wears pro jerseys, athletic wear or too much 'swag.' Sporty chick who wears swag often.
Example: "She only wears her AAU team swag to school. She's such a swag muffin." Example: "She is sporting a Bulls jersey today-what a swag muffin."
by CRHaize January 03, 2014
Slang word for ass. or butt. You can polite and gently call someone a mofo-ing swag muffin
Boy 1: Look at that swag muffin!!
Boy 2: So round!
by ninjaa_meygann February 19, 2012