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When one's medical practices are slightly "unorthodox" and usually requires use of a "special tool" that can cure anything. Often referred in a homosexual (or "queer") manner.

(1) John goes to the doctor:

Doc: " So what can I do for you today, John?"
John: " Well, you see doc, I've been having this ear...
Doc: (cutting John off) Take off your pants John.
John: "... wait, excuse me Doc."
Doc: "We have to find the root of your problem, John."

John: "Doc, its only an ear ache"..
Doc: "Now, now John, just be a good boy and take off your pants. Lie flat on your stomach on the table and lets see what we're working with."

**John hesitantly obeys**

Doc: "Now take a deep breath John"

**the sound of a zipper is heard**

John: "Doc, what are you doing.....wait! That doesn't go there!!!

John has just been swackenhammered!
#swacken #hammer #swacked #swackensauce #swackenowned
by prisoner-OF-polk December 14, 2010
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