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Talks the talk but does not walk the walk. Often makes bets and then backs away at the last minute.

Suffers from small man syndrome but tries to make up for this by competing in a physical sport like boxing. Will often "air box" (throw punches into the air) to make sure people are aware that he boxes.

Also suffers from stunted growth and could be referred to as a pip squeak or poindexter.

Has a obsession with calling people names with something to do with male genitilia. eg Limp dick

Wears cute glasses.
Alex: What's with that small, cute glasses wearing guy who looks like he is suffering from stunted growth punching the air? Is he a fighter?

Tom: That is a svendo. Don't worry he doesn't actually box. He is probably going to make a bet and then shy away from it.
by kinggov December 04, 2014
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