The same thing as "Sweet"

just a ghetto sweedish accent
That computer looks sveet
by mvpdude May 22, 2007
Top Definition
One of many words in which one replaces Sw with Sv.
instead of Sweet its Sveet, instead of Switzerland it would be Svitzerland,
by Elora's Boyfriend May 23, 2005
The origin of this word stems from the 2006 Deutsche Sommerschule am Atlantik (DSSA) program, during which two mechanical engineering students enrolled in the DSSA program's Phonetiks course, (Zack and John) replaced the common phrase "sweet" (In the sense of something being better than average or inciting excitement / a better sense of being) with a crude equivalent. The German "w" is pronounced in the same manner as an American "v", hence the strapping pair of young lads pronounced the word as "Sveet". The rest is history.
Zack: "Oh we have no Tagebuch to write today? SVEET."
by chesto rockwello August 29, 2006

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