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The primal sound of powering through. A successful suut always results in a chea Can be used as an exclamation (Suuut!), a noun (Man, climbing up this cliff face is going to be a suut), a verb (Look, I know you hate sharks, but you're just going to have to suut this one out).

Alternatively, for a sharper more staccato suut, one may use duut.
Well damn I seem to find myself in a burning airplane over Vitenam. My father always told me, "Son, every man reaches a point in his life when there's no easy way out, when he's gotta make a tough decision. When you find yourself here, just remember, that without a suut there can be no chea." I suppose I just gotta bring this bitch down and start sending some serious lead downrange. SUUUUUT!
by DogGottaDoDisShit January 25, 2011
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