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Sutton is a town in outer south west London.
It has many districts, such as Wallington and Cheam.
You may have read that it is rather chavy. This is totally untrue, when I stroll down the pleasent high street, I spot many yuppies and indeed posh looking people over 50.
Of course, there are some common people but they are in the minority. Crime is also very low indeed.

Sutton is well known for it's fabulous schools. It has 5 grammar schools, all of which are truely brilliant and one of which is in the top 10 of all schools in the UK. Even the comprehensives are significantly above average, Cheam High School springs to mind swiftly.

As far as shopping goes; Sutton caters well.
It has a large Next, a very large Debenhams, Waterstones, HMV, Costa, Starbucks, Cafe' Nero, BHS, M&S, WH Smith, Clinton cards etc.
It also has a large selection of great restaurants (most of which are near Sutton station) Some of these include: Pizza Express, Zizzi, Il Ponte, Prezzo and Brassie Vasherin which is run by Malcolm John, a renowned chef.

You may have heard of Sutton's fantastic library. It's won many awards and is set on 3 large storeys. It included a childrens library, a cafe, a music and dvd floor and an IT suite. It was built in the 1970's but was extensively refurbished in 2004.

I would certainly recommend Sutton to a friend, or indeed anyone out there who apprieciates a pleasent, good value suburban area with easy and fast access to C. London.
by Miranda2 May 24, 2011
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A common last name in areas such as Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and other shires within the UK.
Many Sutton families are traditionally interested in farming, and within the family there is usually a "Samuel Sutton" who tends to be known within the families and by others as "Sam Sutton".
Sutton families tend to be lighthearted, funny and down to earth, aswell as being obvious farm lovers.
"why that be the sutton family on their farm oo arr"
"oh aye and theres little sam sutton on his tractor!"
by I like lemon cupcakes. March 29, 2009
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The other reviews about Sutton seem to have been written by teenagers who have had poor personal experiences of living in Sutton - they definitely have not given a true and fair idea of what the place is actually like; quite the reverse ! In fact, it is generally a very pleasant town within Greater London on the edge of Surrey, about ten miles from the centre of London. It has very low crime levels compared with most areas of London, with serious crime very low - in fact, out of the 33 London boroughs, only two have better (i.e. lower) crime figures. The only concern of any significance is low-level disorderly conduct, and this maybe what the other reviews are picking up on. However, the reality is that this is a well established middle-class suburb, within easy commuting distance of the city.
it is a pleasant prosperous area with a thriving local economy and a reputation for being in the “cleaner and greener” borough with the best recycling rates in London and the UK’s first development of eco-friendly housing. The main High Street has many up-market shops, bars and restaurants such as a really nice branch of Waterstones, the UK’s first ever All Bar One and a branch of a small chain of four really good French restaurants run by the celebrity chef, Malcolm John - it’s called Brasserie Vacherin. Also the area is home to some of the best grammar schools in Britain, including Sutton Boy’s Grammar and Wilson’s. Last but not least, culture- vultures will be pleased about the two theatres, the Secombe centre in the centre of town and the Charles Cryer theatre in neighbouring village, Carshalton, a mile down the road. All in all, a very pleasant spot and well worth moving to!
by Guardianreader May 30, 2011
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He's a good ole' country boy. He's the kind of guy that every girl wants. He's sweet, charming, hard-working, honest, caring, trustworthy, respectful & has a good sense of humor. He's also tall, dark, & handsome. He'll be one of the best things that will ever happen to you, whether it be a friendship, or a love relationship. He's basically amazing in every way possible & it's hard not to fall in love with him once you meet him.
Sutton is such a cutie!
I wish that guy was more like Sutton
Whoever Sutton is dating is so lucky!!
by brunettesarebest July 08, 2011
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The town in outer London in which the Rolling Stones were spotted by a notable music promoter in 1963 during an early gig at the then Red Lion public house (now the Winning Post) in Sutton High Street. The rest is history.

But, I hear you say, there must more to the town than *just* that. Well, yes: Sutton is just ten miles from London's Charing Cross, and is a very leafy and pleasant place to be. Much of Sutton was build during Victorian times, so the architecture has the character of that era. In recent years there's been something of an influx of young professionals, whose presence has helped lead to the current plethora of trendy restaurants, stylish coffee houses and cool bars, like All Bar One.
PERSON 1: Are there any "hidden gem" areas in and around London?

SAGE: There were a few years ago, and I'd have said SUTTON was one. But it's not hidden any more.
by The Rolling Suttons April 15, 2014
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a guy that looks like a stud but never leaves his crying phase.
damn sutton is such a bitch.
by u know that one guy November 05, 2011
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"He who is feared by A.J. Hawk."
A.J. was too scared to come outside, he thought we were all a bunch of 'Suttons'.
by A.J. HAWK July 12, 2006
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