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A really awesome college in gorgeous Selinsgrove, PA, where really creative, awesome students spend their weeks at classes and their weekends anywhere from Bounceplex (a really cool trampoline place), to the movies, to sick parties that don't stop, and can watch the sunset over beautiful fields of grass or go to TRAX and dance forever.
I spent a really great weekend at Susquehanna University
by SU STUDENT November 01, 2010
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A college that is in the middle of no where...actually in selinsgrove, Pa were your lucky to pass anyone (townies) that have their two front teeth AND a bear gut smaller then the town itself. It is surronded by the amish and its town landmark is Walmart....Nothing to do here during the day...and at night you better like the same party over and over again otherwise your in for many a boring night! Most of the time...if you do attend these so called "parties" the kegs are kicked by 11:30...and if you are so lucky to get there before the beer is taste of 12 day old cow urine....YUMMY!
Person:WHere do you go to college?
College student: Susquehanna University!
Person:What! Sasquatch University...where the hell is that?
by Carolyn and Liz October 24, 2005
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