A small mongoose monkey with an appetite for Sushi.
-Belongs to a Japanese Mills god.
Unusually squaty creature who jumps through trees and is able to bite other species with their small mouths.
Also referred to as an emotional spaz who has a mexican food fetish for such places as Taco Bell and Del Taco.
Small midget girl with Sushi habits who performs with a cat named yum yum in various circus acts across the globe.
Hey looks like one of those freaky Sushiyumyum shows!
That Sushiyumyum may require a muzzle.
Watch out! There's a creature in the kitchen eating our chulupas, looks like a monkey midget, no a mongoose.
Did you catch a Sushiyumyum? Your bleeding.
Sushiyumyum is known for acrobatics and dangerous circus skills.
by Ju-Ju-B February 06, 2010

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