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Sushi Dick is another term for foul smelling dick and/ or balls. You get sushi dick when you don't shower or clean yourself after having sex.
If you have sex in the morning and don't shower afterwards or clean yourself by the early afternoon your genital area starts to emit a foul smell.

"Man....I have crazy Sushi Dick right now! I haven't showered since I left her house last night.
by Crude13 May 27, 2011
An offence to Japanese boys who loves eating sushies.
* In a situation when some kid is fighting with a japanese kid*

Japanese Kid: Fuck up cunt you have smaller dick than mine!

Kid: At least I dont have SUSHI DICK
by orchrist69 December 08, 2009
A retort you can reply with to some annoying Azn dude's flame.

Based on the belief that Asian penis is small and stumpy and shaped like a sushi
KyoKyo: KEKEKE u fuckin noob lern to aim dickbitch ^____^

Big Penised American: Hey, I don't need no sushi dick telling me how to behave

KyoKyo: T.T
by kekekeke May 02, 2005
When you beat your dick so much and so angrily it turns raw
"Dustin beat it so hard he got sushi dick"
by Welldasgood July 22, 2016
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