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1. Feeling guilty about having survived a traumatic event e.g war, a tsunami, Black Friday sale opening... A common feature is blaming oneself for not being able to save the others involved.

2. A better way of expressing one's feelings to one's friends, family etc. about feeling good about NOT going with them on something e.g blue hair dye, eating that 3 week old lasagne...
1. Being the only ones from their group returning home from Iraq outside a box Jack and Joe suffered heavily from survivor guilt.

2. Visiting her family at the hospital's food poisoning wing Lisa said she had "survivor guilt" rather than the brains not to eat anything growing mushrooms.
#psychology #survivor #guilt #war #tragedy
by MommyLina December 09, 2008
the shame felt at knowing every word to "Eye of the Tiger"
Dude at karaoke I sang Eye of the Tiger and realized I didn't even need to look at the screen! Brought on a huge case of Survivor guilt!
#karaoke #cheesy #music #metal #song
by AmalLokisdottir December 12, 2009
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