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1. For a female, a male friend who takes the place of a boyfriend when she is single. Generally speaking, a close male friend who is there emotionally, but is not receiving physical pleasure from the relationship.

2. A close male friend a girl goes to for emotional support when she is single.
Troy - so Dave, Candice came over to your place last night to talk huh?
Dave - yeah.
Troy - you do realize you're her surrogate boyfriend, right?
Dave - dude, no way.
Troy - totally way. She comes over, cries on your shoulder, hangs out, asks your opinion 'bout stuff. And you don't even make out with her? Total surrogate.
Dave - whatever.
Troy - and once she has a boyfriend she'll stop coming to you.

(6 months later)

Troy - see, Candice is now going out with Jason and she's stopped coming to you.
Dave - I was totally whipped.


Leslie - Candice, you're so lucky you had Dave while you and Tommy were broken up.
Candice - yeah, he was a good surrogate boyfriend. But I have Jason now so I'm able to go to him, my real boyfriend, when I have problems or wanna hang out.
by ChipGirl July 24, 2008
A male friend that a girl uses as her pretend boyfriend to get away from an annoying guy in a club or bar situation when she is single or her significant other is not present.
Amanda: Oh no, this annoying guy keeps following me around trying to talk to me, could you be my surrogate boyfriend for a minute?
John: Sure, let me just hold your hand for a minute till he walks past and hopefully he gets the point.
by NeonDancer October 14, 2009
A single woman with a male child who treats the child in a manner one would treat a boyfriend.
Tiffany's son is running things like he is her boyfriend! I guess he is her Surrogate boyfriend.
by Inferno67 October 05, 2008
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