Describes a place of living. Such as 'pad' or 'crib'
Yo, let's hit up the surface and bottom out these 40s.
by MrBlaQ May 10, 2005
Top Definition
One who is shallow or only cares of subjects and topics that are light or superficial
She only cares about her makeup and Mtv, she is a little too 'surface' for me.
by HeidiCoomes July 10, 2008
a surface such as a cd cover,mirror, that is used for breaking up a drug. i.e. cocaine,bud,e,h,ice,zanny
by hksone July 14, 2009
When a woman has a face like a man. Hence the term "sir-face"
Damn bro, check out the surface in line. I thought that was a dude from the side...
by DMasSC November 02, 2007
A whole new dimension to computing from Microsoft. A modified Windows Vista enabled computer in the form of a Coffee Table. Based on Multi-touch technology. No cables, no keyboard, no mouse.
Surface is darn good, damn costly.
by sgr_mdkr June 04, 2007
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