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This is a principle of common courtesy when a person is asked out on a date by another.

When person 1. orders steak and lobster or another "surf n turf" item, when person 2. is paying, then the "Surf n Turf" rule dictates that person 1. have sex with person 2.

This can also apply to vacations, such as a girl being invited by a guy to his private cabin in the Aspen mountains. Unless they are related, rule dictates she must have sex with him.

To break this rule is to be forever known as a bitch or a dick.
"Damn dude what a bitch!"


"I paid for the both of us to go to Hawaii and not once did she even give me a courtesy blow job."

"Damn dude, what a bitch."

"Yeah total violation of the surf and turf rule"
#surf and turf rule #rule #surf #turf #courtesy sex
by TheRealJohnno March 29, 2012
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