Short for "supplement", usually referring to the act of combining different flavors of smokeless tobacco in one's mouth. This most often occurs when one person has reached the end of his/her can, but feels that the final dip is too small. He/she will then ask a friend for a suppy in order to bring the dip to a respectable size.
Me - Shit, I'm all out of straight. This dip is weak. I need a suppy.
Wife - Here you go, luv, have some of my mint.
by Knuckles Cromartie August 26, 2009
Top Definition
A Pop Punk term for a greeting, a farewell, a term of agreeance, a term of questioning, a term for anything really.
You: Hey.
Me: Suppy?!
by rottingout August 22, 2013
A word for "Whats Up" that cool kids say to each other.
Boy: hey suppy sup?
Girl: Um, not much you?
Boy: Suppy.
by Kahok Tiger February 28, 2011
hello or in simple greeting
or to ask how one is in a unformal way
person one- hey
person two- suppy?
person one- nothing much, just chillin
by hannah March 12, 2003
Originally meant as a form of greeting, as in "What's up?", but has since evolved to mean other things. What it currently means is somewhat of a mystery, however the latest use of the word is in the phrase "Happy Suppy Friday!" which does not necessarily designate the said day as a Friday.
Happy Suppy Friday!

by kew4426015 February 24, 2013
verb; blacking out drunk and getting extremely angry about past issues, often bringing up the fact that kids can't drink a lot and going to the gym is not cool.
"Did you see Taylor last night? He was so suppies last night, he ended up having to be arrested for domestic disturbance.
by Guyer Nation October 14, 2008
a word created to be used in place of any other word in a sentance
The suppy dog went for a walk
by Rien Kane May 15, 2010
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