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The raw tender period that your anus goes through after you have a violent bowel movement, resulting in tenderness of the anus where you cannot sit down for a few minutes following. You must stand still and wait for the feeling to go away.
"Guys, I can't sit down yet, I have Supplebutt"

"I will have a seat once my Supplebutt goes away"

"Oh man, I've got serious Supplebutt, give me a few minutes to recover before we go anywhere"

#anus #diarrhea #hemorrhoids #turd #tender
by Girts July 10, 2008
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When you take a shit and your ass is sore and uncomfortable. It usually takes about hour for it to "heal" and be back to normal.
Bro, i had taco bell today and now I've got terrible supple butt. I can't even sit down!
#supple #butt #shit #poop #ass
by Drewby Hans September 29, 2014
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