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The overrding purpose of Supper Club is the consumption of meat and alcohol by like-minded individuals in a suitably comfortable environment.

The Supper Club takes a very dim view of chronic tardiness, delay, retardation (or otherwise backward behaviour) and above all, a Supper Club member not keeping his word.
The South West Supper Club is the finest Supper Club that ever lived. Fact. It is fucking awesome!!!!

Holy shit - this is the best fucking steak I have ever had the pleasure of putting between my lips. Without the Supper Club I would never have had such an experience.

I have erected something more lasting than bronze. It's called the Supper Club.
by CPaw November 20, 2013
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Nicer term used in some more suburban areas for a swingers group
For some supper clubs, no food may be involved- if that's not your thing- you might want to decline the invitation.
dinner club
by EsaChica October 24, 2009
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