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a word for concealment for the real phrase "orgy"; the ogry must contain more than 5 people and less than 100000½, interspecies is allowable.

i.e. the infamous cougar circle orgy
"so how was your day?"
"it sucked i got in a car accident with my landscaper."
"OH, SPICY. wanna superword?"
"fuck yeah!"

*grabs random passersby(4+) and they begin to do the nasty*
by t-dizzle and z-rizzle March 28, 2008
the combined superior form of two (or more) words that when combined, cause complete histaria. A lesser superword is two words that are combined but in the process loose some of the essence from each word.
"Superword" itself is a superword,


by Jesse June 25, 2004
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