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A fan based idea of combining the three shows, CW's Supernatural and BBC's Doctor Who, and Sherlock.
It is an amazing idea, sadly it is only fandom...right now.
Person 1: Hey did you see the new Superwholock gif on tumblr?
Person 2: No! Did Sherlock save Dean Winchester from the weeping angels yet?
by BooCranberryVodka January 06, 2012
A fandom made up of three other fandoms: Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. It is also known as the Bermuda Triangle of Tumblr, because there are many ships, they just all sink. The three fandoms are widely known as the three main fandoms, as the fans are extremely powerful and scary.
Oh man, they really need to make a Superwholock movie!
by Mormon Geek July 20, 2014
The fandom name for the fans of Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock.
If you are in the Supernatual, Doctor Who, and Sherlock fandoms, you are in the Superwholock fandom.
by CrAzyW3irdo March 03, 2016
A fan combination of the shows: Sherlock, Supernatural, and Doctor Who. A great idea in theory but, to bad the fandom is nothing more than a bunch of egotistical pricks who think they run Tumblr and try to shove it down your throat.
Hey are you in the superwholock fandom?

We don't talk about the superwholock fandom.
by Skaiiiiiii December 11, 2013
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