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The kind of shank that feels like it goes right through. And isn't so super. Ironically enough. 90% of supershanks end in slap fights.
"Billy: haha!! *SUPERSHANK* shanked ya!"
Joanna: Ur so dumb. and OW that hurt! what are you tryin to supershank me or somethin??!!? GEEZ!"
by Music3is2my1 March 29, 2009

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When you Vigorously thrust a sharp impliment into a mortal foe
That nigga off troy got Super shanked in his Jugular .
by ariels May 18, 2005
A man with an abnormally large head. The largeness of the head is created by not only an obsession with the real Superman...but also due to his quick wit and miscellaneous facts conjured up from dogpile.com. He can be considered a genius, or even run for the next President of the United States - so take his antics and threats seriously!
Don't make me go Super-Shank on your ass fool!
by Concerned patron May 11, 2010