When a female does not want to have sex, the male ejaculates onto the females back while she is sleeping and puts the sheets over her. In the morning, the female wakes up with the sheets stuck to her back like a cape. Therefore looking like superman.
Watch me crank dat soulja boy and superman that hoe.
by Mike Q [Tha____NY] October 16, 2007
To remove the sheet from a sleeping girl, then proceed to ejaculate all over her back without waking her up. When done, put the sheet back over her and make sure the sheet sticks to her back. Then throughout the night your manlove will dry. Resulting in the sheet being glued to her back with your juices. And finally when she awakes and gets out of bed she will get up with the sheet stuck to her back like superman's cape.
if she gets out of line superman that hoe!
by chooodeman November 12, 2007
When you have sex with a girl from behind only shes laying on her stomach, hands outstretched. This position allows for some rough sex.
My girls always too tired for sex when she gets home.
Superman that hoe.
OK, I will
by Soulja Pete January 13, 2008
When you cant get nutin from your hoe, wait till shes asleep and then cum all over her back, then cover her back with a sheet. Go to sleep. When she wakes up in the morin your cum will have dried with the sheet on her back and will look like a cape.
Superman that Hoe.
"When I couldn't get shit out of mah girl last nite, I jus Superman that Hoe."
by Kendall Thompson December 01, 2007
When you throw a hoe out a window and she gets paralyzed from the neck down like christopher reeves.
Pac-man Jones was making it rain and then he superman that hoe Tom Urbanski.
by General Biology November 28, 2007
When a female is gettin it 4rm da back && gets cum al over her back. Wen she falls asleep, he puts a blanket over her. wen she wakes up the blanket is stuck to her back. NOW SHE GOT A CAPE.
"A man wat u gon do 2dey?"
"Imma superman that hoe"
by Luis P. November 17, 2007
when a female does not want to have sex, the male ejaculates on her back while she is asleep, so that when she wakes up, the sheets are stuck to her back like a superman cape.
Bob: yo, she didn't wanna have sex last night, dawg!
Bill: so did u superman that hoe?
Bob: yea, she had a blue cape when she woke up!
Bill: haha, that's what the dumb broad gets!

(both start laughing)
by cookie2 April 20, 2008
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