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When you're doing a girl doggy style, pull out, and cum on her back/ass. When she tells you to wipe it off, you pretend to, and when she wakes up, she has the bed sheets stuck to her back like supermans cape.
"Dude, tonight, im totally going to superman that hoe.
by TylerTheMohawkMan August 31, 2007
A male cums on some hoes back & when the said subject lays back,the sheets stick to her back therefore doubling as a cape.
superman that hoe!!!
by Naomie August 31, 2007
Beating a girl from behind and then busting jizz all over her back... then when she lies down on the sheets the sheets will stick on to her back - superman style
Tyrone: im bout to superman that hoe tonight
Jamal: nigga, you done gone ruined your sheets then
Tyrone: its worth it when i see her get up with a sheet cape on her back.
by PatrickHarder September 06, 2007
It's disrespectful.
John skeets on his girl's back, lets it dry. The sheets stick to her back and then he laughs at her when she stands up. Now she's stuck trying to peel off dried up jizz from her back.

If any of you actually do this, I hope she rips he sheets off and wipes your face in it.

Superman that hoe.
by Sister Souljah October 15, 2007
fuck a girl from behind and nut on her back and then stick the sheets on her back like a cape
super man that hoe, bitch
by amber adam brock quinn November 19, 2007
This is an action of witch two , either male on male or male on female, are haveing sexual intercorse via doggy style. upon climax the male doing the penetration withdrawls his said penis and ejaculates unto the partners buttox or back area. when the two said partners lie down on the sheets the sperm will infuse the sheets with the area of "wet" body. when the subject rises the sheet will be attached to the area of skin.and appear to be a "superman" cape
ask your parents for further information on "superman that hoe"
by Mel LeVeque April 25, 2008
When you get done fucking your bitch you wait till she passes out. Once she is asleep you beat off on her back and put the sheets on her back. Put a lighter under a fire alarm and watch your girl run around screaming looking like superman.
Dude, tonight im gonna superman my hoe.

by Baby420 May 31, 2009
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