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When you give yourself an unhealthy feeling of responsibility. Feeling you need to save everyone around you and that no one can do their job better than you can do it yourself.
Bob: Hey Jim... wanna play ball after work?

Jim: I can't... I have to stay overtime to make sure everything is set for the next shift. I have to do what everyone else didn't do good enough and then I have to go home and study right after I help my little brother study.

Bob: You better calm down... that Superman Complex is gunna stress you out.

Jim: Well I masturbate a lot.

Bob: Oh.... well that helps...
by rattlesnake 3:16 July 15, 2008
The Superman Complex is actually a psychological state in which one has the belief that "nothing bad can happen to me".
As if THEY will never be the one to get in a car crash, or THEY'LL never overdose on a drug.
Common among teens and children.
The complex can vary from minor to severe.
As if he had a Superman complex, Jason would always pull the wildest stunts.
by KcMcCoy April 01, 2013
When you do something that makes you feel like a hero like superman. You saved them and feel great about it.
That crowd surfer almost hit the ground , but my superman complex kicked in and I saved her.
by rexero November 14, 2007
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