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A superjump is something that was purposely built into Halo2's maps by the Bungie staff that allows a player to exceed major heights after doing a certain glitch, something such as crouching down underneath a wall that allows the player to remain crouched without holding in the left thumbstick.

This trick/glitch/cheat is also completed by landing in a specific spot. The jump doesn't always go as planned. One may experience backfires such as:

Falling through the floor.
Being thrown in a different direction.
Getting stuck in the geometry of the level. IE: Ascension's Overshield railing.

The jump may not even take place, just a small bump up.
I'm gonna Superjump to get a better spot to snipe from.

Someone is on the roof, those bastards are cheating, superjumping.
by A Twisted Illusion August 13, 2006
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