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One of the greatest 3 on 3 hockey teams of all time. Established in 2002 in Surrey, British Columbia and have been playing out of Excellent Ice-Surrey ever since.
Did you see the SuperChiefs game last night?
by Omega Sweat May 13, 2009
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(n.) a kickass marching band that knows theyre really good. they know the ussba hates them and know that the scores and numbers mean nothing. they complain about band all the time but stay for that amazing feeling they get once they step off the field after comopeting knowing they played their hearts out. they have fun like no other bands do.
theres no band like the superchiefs
by imsuchabandgeek November 20, 2007
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1.) n. a group of socially inept losers who spend a majority of their time practicing for a senseless cause. see "waste of time".
2.) n. a marching band whose members are oblivious to the fact that they're retarded.

note: only those in the band care about the band. everyone else has realized NO ONE CARES ABOUT HALF-TIME SHOWS OR WHAT THE BAND WINS OR DOESN'T WIN AT A COMPETITION.
"HAHA! You're in the Superchiefs!"

"Why does that kid's varsity jacket say 'Superchiefs'? It's not a sport..?"
by unknown December 07, 2003
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