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A social misfit individual who’s Immaturity and lack of social skill makes it impossible to make friends and overcompensates through his choice of style. This personality Embodies all aspects the "HotTopic Effect" in attempts to mimic all outdated anti-culture styles such as: Goth,Punk,ect while retaining the same level of immaturity. Is known to wear things like, Chain paints, Chuck Taylors, Tight pants, Leather Jackets, and Increadebly mainstream Band shirts(Slipknot,Metallica,ect) All found in Hottopic.
Johnny: "hey look at that kid with the Tripps playing Yu-Gi-oh in the corner "
Jack:"Oh, thats SuperAGGman"
Johnny:"Wow what a fag!"
by TylrDerden May 02, 2011
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