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A person who is highly skilled in Card gaming, or any Role Playing game, that is complete with overweight or highly thin, pony tail or any long hair, glasses, acne, watches anime, and has no sense of any style other than that Magician Girl that he had just played.
Look who stepped in to get a new Unlimited Mage card, a Super Super
by g0tm0de March 06, 2008
A loser who's above the age of 15 who collects and distributes Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, Magic Cards, or any role-playing trading card game freaks who wear cargo shorts. They are stinky, ugly, some really huge who wears glasses and a ponytail. Still lives with their mom. Looks like the age of 30 and still plays kiddy games. And is very very... VERY stubborn when a conversation about games has come up. All watch anime and hentai for their pleasures...
Dude... Look.. That Super - Super is in the Hentai Section
by Kalluhskrillyuh October 10, 2007
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