The phrase a Nerd screams just before he's about to rape a girl he has been stalking for the past three months.
"I'm finally going to go Super Saiyan on Alaina's ass tonight!"
by Alaric C. April 16, 2015
Defenition ; A man goes angry or rage'd out and goes super saiyan
Jobby : Duude that guy you fought with went like...Super Saiyan

Hobby : Yeah he went Super saiyan and beat me up..
by Theguywhowrotessj October 20, 2015
The upmost supreme and powerful version of that aspect. The strongest and ascended level of any verb and/or noun that is attached. This can be used to outweigh arguments in your favor. Use it with care.

(Has been heard to be used throughout the origins of Texas, original usage was supposedly dated back to Howard of Carrollton).
Chichi-"How'd you do on your exam today?"
Gohan-"Popped a senzu bean earlier. Studied for 9 hours and then I Super Saiyan Aced it."
Chichi-"That's my boy!"

Krillin-"I called shotgun in the spaceship!"
Vegeta-"Krillin, my wife is pregnant. Give her the passenger seat."
Krillin-"Well in that case, I called Super Saiyan shotgun. You okay with that, Bulma?"
Bulma-"Yeah, I heard you dammit. Just pass me the dragon radar so I can wish you back to life tomorrow."

Yamcha-"Did you hear? Bulma's pregnant. I thought it would be mine since I smashed recently."
Picollo-"Yeah, I hear everything on this planet whether I like it or not."
Yamcha-"What did you hear?!!"
Picollo-"He pounded her around like a paddleball for 3 episodes, even took breaks to eat senzu beans and protein bars.I'm dearly sorry Yamcha."
Krillin-"I guess you could say, he Super Saiyan smashed that. What a savage."
by Warbids September 18, 2015
To come back to school or work after the weekend and having dyed your hair golden blonde.

(Green contact lenses are optional).
Guy 1: Whoa! Check out Keith! He went Super Saiyan!

Guy 2: No no no, he just dyed his hair.

by Super Special Awesome Cell May 31, 2011
When an asian girl dyes her hair a weird orangey blonde color. Reference to Dragonball Z
"Kim Hwang, you look like a super saiyan"
"Shut up or I'll get my boyfriend to beat your ass."
by Will Bruce May 26, 2004
When you pee in someones hair. The yellow in their hair will resemble a Super Saiyan.
Guy 1: You like Goku
Guy 2: Yeah! DBZ is cool
Guy 1: What I thought (pees in hair)
Guy 2: Yo what the fuck! (looks in mirror) I kinda like it I look like a Super Saiyan.
by FLIGGY June 01, 2009
a geek who has just creamed his pants in the hall way
DUDE! Bushnell just turned super saiyan
by village idiot May 29, 2003
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