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Fun, energetic Moms who love parenting. Not the stereotype of the women who wear pearls and greet their mate at the door with a casserole in hand, these moms have thrown off the pearls and donned jeans and t-shirts instead. The habitat they are most likely to be found in is the playground, the grocery store in the organic produce section, the closest library or participating with their kids in any fun activity you can think of.

Not to be confused with Moms who think they are wearing proverbial capes and can "do it all". Super Moms are just having super fun!
"She's a super mom, she really cares about her kids and is always doing fun things with them!"
by whatsupdoc May 15, 2009
a name given to friends mom's how care for you like their own
Hannah was locked our of her house to the SUPErMOM, took her to her house.
by Hanny November 11, 2004
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