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soo-pur fuk
1: (N) a sexual act that is unusualy pleasurable
2: (N) an individual who is particularly adept in sexual performance
3: (N) an unusual term for a dissliked person: see asshole
Dude, me a kelly had a super fuck last night.
That ho at that the club last night was a super fuck.
Coach Stewart is a super fuck.
by survivorman527 November 10, 2006
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when in doggy style on a female, the person from behind raises there legs and hands, leaving all bodily weight on the female, and humping only to use chest and back movements to thrust, thus fucking in mid air like super man
yo that chick let me "super fuck", but only till her legs gave out.
by pantietheif November 21, 2009
Superfuck(profane adjective): Similar to Clusterfuck, Superfuck is used when Something goes so terribly wrong, divine intervention is needed to repair it.
US Marine: Crossroad, this is Alfa 9! We're in a Superfuck Here! Ruskies from all over!
US Marine Base: This is Crossroad, You're Screwed. See Ya.
US Marine: We're Screwed!
by October 24, 2011
Much like reading, often an enjoyment to women, and even more often a agonizing exercise for men.
1. "I got superfucked last night."
"By who?"
"Something that runs off of batteries instead of beer nuts, haha."
by Prez0rz/Prez April 26, 2004

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