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The last day before a three (or more) day weekend (or vacation) is a Super Friday even if the day is not a calendar Friday.
Yeah, it's my Super Friday. So I'll see you suckers on the flip side.
by doorunrun June 05, 2012
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When working a job with rotating days off the last day of the work week is Friday and Saturday and Sunday are the scheduled days off.
I can't believe tomorrow is finally our super Friday, I'm really looking forward to having Saturday and Sunday off of work.
by 018-tact January 14, 2010
Any Friday when you day drink with your besties. It's a marathon, not a sprint! Drink enough to maintain your buzz, but DO NOT fall asleep - that defeats the whole purpose of the day. For a Friday to be a Super Friday, you must get drunk during the day then walk around with your friends and show off your drunken-selves. Turns any boring Friday into a fabulous Friday with friends!
To make moving my friend out of her apartment fun and enjoyable, we had a Super Friday. We drank all day and moved her stuff across the city making fools of ourselves along the way.
by PrincessDooneyB April 12, 2010

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