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Most people who wear anything with the brand name Superdry, Hollister and other market dominating clothing brands. This demonstrates a complete lack of individuality when one is happy to walk around in the same clothes as everyone else when there is so so much choice on the market.
'Have you seen Will's new Superdry jacket?'

'Yea dude he's a total supersheep'
by juliet.hotel June 27, 2014
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a lame wannabe cartoon charicter made up by a retarded alcoholic in his early teens and can be seen on a muppets computor machine making many failed attempts to save Drogheda and its inhabitants. Supersheep was originally made for masterbation purpuses and was later decided that it was too undeniably queer.
Gobshite 1. lets have a wank to a picture of a cartoon sheep!
Gobshite 2. yea lets....!!!
Gobshite 3 "smack!"
All Gobhites: we love Super Sheep. because we are as gay as that man of the telly.
by Crosby November 10, 2006

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