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Not DRO-HEAD-DAH. Nor DROG-HEAD-DUH. The word is pronounced Draw-dah (according to my religion teacher) from the syntax of the many locals of the area. A town in the wee county of Louth, in the humble province of Leinster, where you can find all sorts of funny characters and possibly the worst Irish accent ever. Home of St. Lawrence's gate, the Bridge of Peace, the Head (yes, the frickin' head) of St. Oliver Plunkett and of course, the strongest football team of the Eircom League in Ireland, Drogheda United. It also hosts one of the gayest lamest disco establishments ever, the Star and Crescent, where you can hook-up or bait, one of its many lipstick-wearing, underage-drinking, 16-year-old hoes. Also the dwelling place of many culchies and skangers.
I love Drogheda, but man, sometimes, it just sucks so much it's like living in the middle of frickin' nowhere. Shoutouts to my cows and spuds, yo.
by karlenowhirl January 07, 2011
It is a place in Co.Louth Ireland where drug gangs are moving too cause Dublin is full now. They like to shoot each other across the road and go kick the shit out of each other on West street on a friday and saturday night. If you live here which i do . . . You will know what i mean.
Drug dealer 1: Hay i heard about this place where we can shoot each other all we want and it not in Dublin
Drug dealer 2: I shot someone there last night.
Drug dealer 1 : OMG i got shot there last night. Was it you that shot me ?
Drug dealer 2: Word dawg. Awwwww awwww awwww you just shot me.
Drug dealer 1: See you in Drogheda later. I declare a gand war !!!!!!
by Onaed November 03, 2006
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